Saturday, October 8, 2011


I haven't felt much inspired by anything to write about here recently. I feel like life has been crazy but that there isn't really anything to write about. I was just going through our pictures from the last few months though and saw a common theme among many of them...

These girls LOVE each other! They are best friends and it is so cute! They do pretty much everything together.

Riding daddy's back together.

Jumping on chair cushions.


Rocking together.

Riding ATV's together.
Wearing their backpacks together.

Brushing their hair together.

More Hugs!

Jumping in the bed together.

Laying around together.

Mixing brownies together.

Driving a train together. (this is at some free train museum in Snoqualmie)

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Megan said...

Those pics are so sweet.